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Facebook Marketing Software

This is the only facebook automation software you are going to need.

2021 Update!!!
Compatible with new FB Design!!

  • Add unlimited FB Accounts
  • Schedule your campaigns
  • Auto add target friends
  • Auto send messages
  • Auto inbox responders
  • Confirm friend requests
  • Marketplace Poster
  • Auto like newsfeed
  • Post and comment auto tagger
  • Account activities
  • Auto join groups
  • Auto post on target groups
  • Active users scraper
  • Multiple Scrapers
  • And a lot more!
  • Scroll down below to see the other features…

Open. Set. Run. As easy as typing.
Take control of everything on facebook with our Facebook Marketing Software.

Boost your sales and online presence!




FB Marketing Software is for:

Internet Marketing

Promote your product,page,groups and others on facebook automatically.

Facebook Sellers

Promote your products to your target groups,users,pages or marketplace.

Social Media Management

Manage multiple facebook accounts and assign daily tasks on each profiles.

Facebook Sourcing

Find your candidate employees to hire using facebook search graph filters and connect with them

Busy People

Automate your daily routine on your facebook account like reacting to the post on your newsfeed, birthday greetings, watch stories, play games, watch live videos, message autoresponder etc.

For Anyone

Who just want to automate tasks on facebook and spend more time on more important things.


How does the software works?

The software will automate almost everything when it comes to facebook marketing. This will save your time and money. It’s like your personal virtual assistant that can do everything for you. If you think the software is missing what you need to do. You can always suggest it to us and we will do everything to add it immediately.


Some video demonstration of the software

Account Activities:

  • Like Newsfeed
  • Watch Stories
  • Watch live videos
  • Visit random page on your account
  • Play random games
  • Visit random profiles
  • and more...


Birthday Greeter

Auto greet people who are celebrating today or advanced greeting on people who are going to celebrate this month or next month. You can customize your greeting images to make it more special.


Marketplace Poster

Auto post on facebook marketplace. You have the option to post on multiple locations.


Page Content Poster

Auto generate content to your facebook page. All content comes from reddit.com

BEST All in One Facebook Marketing Software!

The developers of this software uses it daily to make sure it is up to date and we will keep adding more features in the future!

Facebook Automation Features:

  • Group poster:
    Post on your favorite groups at once or one by one with delay
  • Group poster manager:
    Manage your recently posted group posts! You can reply,delete or like the comments of the post.
  • Auto join groups:
    Automatically join your target groups and you have an option to manually answer to group questions when joining
  • Auto add friends:
    Add your target friends automatically
  • Inbox autoresponder:
    Auto respond to messages on your inbox. You can trigger it by keyword or if you just want to broadcast something. You have the option to check your profile inbox or your fan page inbox to auto respond.
  • Send private message:
    Send private message to your target profiles or pages.
  • Like,group and event inviter:
    Invite your profile friends to join your groups, like your page or join your events.
  • Auto birthday greeter:
    Automatically greet your friends who are celebrating birthday today or greet them in advanced.
  • Photo Downloader:
    Download your target images or albums
  • Auto confirm friend requests:
    Confirm your friend requests with more options.
  • Post auto-tagger:
    Auto tag friends on your post or on the comment section


  • Auto newsfeed liker:
    Auto like the post on your newsfeed
  • Auto commenter:
    Auto comment on your target posts
  • Auto confirm friend requests:
    Automatically confirm your pending friend requests. You have the option to confirm by gender.
  • Page listener:
    The software can listen to your target pages for new post. For example page1 posted a new one the software will comment on the post immediately so you will be the first ones to comment to that post.
  • Marketplace poster:
    Automatically post your items to marketplace. You have the option to post it on multiple locations.
  • Auto content poster:
    Auto post your selected content or use our auto post generator.
  • Account activities:
    Automate activities on your profile like Liking newsfeed, watch stories, play games, watch live videos etc.
  • Page creator:
    Create a fan page automatically
  • Scrape members of groups:
    Scrape the members of your target groups. You must be a member of that group or the group is set to public.
  • Scrape people on an event:
    Scrape people who like to attend, invited or maybe attending to your target events
  • And more...

Multiple themes to choose from!

FB Marketing Software Themes

Quarterly plan
Billed every 3 months
Only $15 monthly
All main features unlocked!
Can be activated on 2 computers
Free updates
Free license reset
Email or Teamviewer support
Add unlimited FB accounts
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Why is there a subscription fee?
Facebook is updating frequently and every time something changes we need to immediately update the software. There’s a lot of features on this software and this small fee will sustain the product to make it up to date.

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We are going to increase the price of this software soon.
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