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You can do a lot of things on this feature to do some random activities with your account. Like newsfeed, liker, view stories, watch videos, visit random fb pages, open suggested friends, watch live videos, browse marketplace etc. .

Select activity – select which activity you would like to add to the list

Newsfeed liker – will like some posts on your newsfeed
View stories – will watch stories and react to it if you enable it on the settings
Watch videos – will watch random videos
Visit random page – will visit random pages
Browse suggested friends – will visit random suggested friends
Watch live videos – will watch random videos
Browse marketplace – will browse random items on the marketplace
Play random games – will open random games
Wait time – you can add delay on each activity

Add activity button – will add the selected to the activity campaign
Settings button – will open the options of the selected activity

Selected activities – the activities you select will go here. No need to enter anything on this textarea


Activity settings:

Newsfeed liker

Total posts to like – enter the total posts on your newsfeed to like
Reaction – you can select either you want it to like or love the post
Like delay – random delay on each reactions

View stories

Watch for – select if you want to watch all the available stories or watch it in a few minutes
Random reaction – select the reaction you want on the stories you watch. It will not react to all the stories. It will select randomly which one to react. You can leave this blank if you don’t want to react at all.

Visit random page

Random visit for – select the time on how long you want to randomly visit pages

Browse suggested friends

View suggested friends – enter the number range on how many suggested friends you would like to view

Watch live videos

Total live views to watch – number range how many live videos you want to open
Watch for – select how long you want to keep the live video open
Reaction – select which reaction you want to react to the live video. You can leave this blank

Browse marketplace

Total items to check – enter the total range of items to click on the marketplace

Play random games

Total games to click – enter random total games you want to open
Play games for – enter the time how long you want to open the game

Wait time

Wait time – select how long you want to wait before going to the next activity campaign

Load button – load previously saved activity campaign
Save activities button – save the current activity campaign
Clear button – will clear the selected activities

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