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Send birthday greetings to the friends who are having a birthday today or greet them in advance.

Select option –

Today – Your friends that is having their birthdays today
Upcoming this month – Friends that have upcoming birthdays this month
Next month – Friends that will have birthdays next month

Select sending option:

Send image only – will send greetings with image only. No text
Send text only – will type the message only. Message text should not be blank
Both – Will send both image and text

Total users to greet – Enter the total users you want to greet that day. If you leave blank it will greet all the people who are in your friends list that are having birthdays

Random delay (seconds) – Enter your random delay after every interactions
delay from –
30 seconds
delay to –
60 seconds
the software will randomly select between those numbers and use it as a seconds

Message text (spintax supported) – Type the message you want to send. You type it on an spintax format like {Happy birthday [firstname|Enjoy your birthday [firstname]}
Save message button – When click it will ask you the file name you want to save you message for later use.
Load message button – When click it you can select the message you saved
Clear message button – clear the message on the message box
Message variables button – You can use this variables to replace of the actual information of the current user.

[fullname] – Full name of the current user/page
[firstname] – First name of the current user
[nickname] – nickname or latername of the current user. If nickname is not available it will be replaced with the first name

Import image(s) select button – You can select an image or multiple images to attach with your message

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