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You can decide if you want to confirm the friend request sent to you or ignore it. You can send a private message or wall post after confirming the request.

Select action

– select the action you want to do on each friend request sent to your profile
– Confirm only – It confirm the friend request
– Confirm+Private Message – it will confirm the request then after that it will send them a private message. Message textbox should not be blank.
– Confirm+Wall Post – it will confirm the request then after that it will post on their wall. Message textbox should not be blank.
– Ignore request – will ignore the friend request
– Delete request – will delete the request

Action only if settings button – This is the filter settings. If triggered it will do the actions.

                Gender filter – you can select which gender you would like to confirm

Anyone – will confirm everyone
Female – will confirm only female and ignore if it’s male
Male – will confirm only male and ignore if it’s female
Note: If their gender is not publicly available on their profile the software will automatically confirm it.

Total friend of the user filter – You can filter if you want confirm the users with certain amout of friends. This way you can filter new accounts. But not all of the users have made their total friends publicly. If their total friends is hidden the software will ignore this filter.

Action if there’s a mutual friends checkbox – if checked ot will confirm the request if you and user have mutual friends. It will ignore it if there’s none.

Sort requests – You can select if you want to the software to check the newest requests or the oldest first.
Total requests to confirm (leave blank if all) – enter the total friend requests sent to you to check. Leave it blank if you want to check all the requests.

Message text (spintax supported) – Type the message you want to send. You type it on an spintax format like {Thanks for connecting [firstname]|Thank you [firstname]}
Save message button – When click it will ask you the file name you want to save you message for later use.
Load message button – When click it you can select the message you saved
Clear message button – clear the message on the message box
Message variables button – You can use this variables to replace of the actual information of the current user.

[fullname] – Full name of the current user/page
[firstname] – First name of the current user
[nickname] – nickname or latername of the current user. If nickname is not available it will be replaced with the first name

Import image(s) select button – You can select an image or multiple images to attach with your message

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