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Username – your facebook username
Password – your facebook password
Proxy – this is optional. Enter your proxy with this format 111.222.333.444:0000 and if your proxy have a password the format is 111.222.333.444:0000:username:password
Note – this is just a note for your account. For example you can put “internet marketing account”
Add account button – the account will be save when clicked
Advanced settings button – this is for the browser and account advanced settings

Disable browser image checkbox – enable this if you don’t want to show images on the browser for faster loading

Save browser window size – when this is enabled it will remember the browser state after you exit the software and load it when you open it again

Account details table – this is to manage your accounts

Delete button – will delete selected accounts
Import multiple accounts button – you can import multiple accounts. It must be saved on a .csv file. The format should be like this
Test account button – will test the selected accounts if it’s alive or dead

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