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Configure what you want to do with the friend request you sent that hasn’t been confirm by the user. You can either resend the request or cancel it. .

Send friend requests to check (leave blank if all) – enter the total friend requests you sent to check. Leave it blank if you want to check all the requests you sent.
Action if you sent request more than X days – For example you put 5 in the textbox. The software will only action to those request that is more than 5 days old. This will only work on the friend requests you sent using the software and not those requests you did manually.
Sort sent requests – You can select if you want to the software to check the newest sent requests or the oldest first.
Select action – Select what action would you like to do.

– Cancel request – it will cancel the friend request you sent
– Resend request – it will cancel the friend request and then add them as friend again.

Random delay (seconds) – Enter your random delay after every interactions


delay from – 30 seconds
delay to –
60 seconds

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