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You can create content and post it on your page. You can also schedule multiple contents to dripfeed it for your page. This feature also has an auto generate content from

Select posts file – select the file you want to use. You can create a post file by clicking the create content file buttons
Select target page – select the target page where you want to post the contents
Post option dropdown

Post instantly – the content will be posted instantly
Scheduled posts – if this is selected your post will be scheduled

Select date – this option is valid when you select scheduled post. You can select the start date when you want to schedule the post
Increment by – you can select if you want to increment the post by day or by hour. For example you select day then enter 1 on the textbox. It will schedule the post from the selected date and increment it by a day on each post
Post instantly delay – this option is valid if you select post instantly. This is the delay on each posts

Create content file

Create content file (manual) button – click this to open the options for creating manual content file

Post description – enter your post description
Post URL – enter the post url
Post image – import the image(s) you want to attach at the post
Save filename – select which file you want to save the details

Add content button – click this if you want to add the details to your selected file
View/Edit button– view the file you created
Clear button – clear the details


Create content file (auto) button – click this to open the options for creating auto content file

Select category – select the category you want to auto generate
Total posts – enter the total post content you need
Save filename – enter the filename to save the file
Generate button – start to generate the contents

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