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On this module you can import a list of facebook pages you want the software to listen for new posts. When the software detects there’s a new post on that page it will automatically comment on it so you will be one of the first one who commented on that post. .

Create a file – you need to create a file for page listener first. Click this to see the options

Target page url – enter the target url you want to listen for new posts
Comment text – enter the comment(s) you want to post once the page have new posts
Who’s gonna comment – select if you want your profile to comment or your other page
Who’s gonna react to comment – select who you want to react to your comment
Save filename – select which file you want to add the details
Add to file button – when you click this the details will be added to the selected file for later use

Select file to use – select the page listener file you want to use
How long to listen to the page(s) – select how long you want the software to check for new posts on each page(s) on your file

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