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Autorespond to your profile messages that can be triggered by keywords on their message.

Select trigger keywords and Message file – select the autoresponder file you want to use. You can create the file by clicking the “Open keyword and message editor
What folder to check – select which message folder you want to check for autoresponding

Inbox – will check the inbox
Request folder – will check the request folder
Both – will check inbox and request folder

What to do – select what action you want to do when the keyword is found

Reply if first message only – it will send a reply when the user sent you a message first. You can use this if you want to auto reply to the users that send you the first message
Check last message – it will reply if the other user is the one who sent the last message
Follow up message – it will reply if you are the one who send the last message and the other user didn’t respond
Broadcast – it will message all of the users on your inbox. This is good for sending announcements for your new product or others.
Message cleanup – it will delete the messages on your inbox when triggered by your specified keywords

Total message to check – enter the total messages you want to check at a time

Open keyword and message editor – it will open the editor window

Trigger keywords (one per line) – enter the keywords you would like the software to search for the other user message to you. When it’s found it will trigger and send a reply.
Message text when trigger – this is the message there’s a keyword trigger
Save filename– enter the filename you want to save your details for later use
Save button – will save the details to the selected filename
Load button – you can select the file you recently save and load it
Clear button – clear the details

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