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Send private message to your target user or page list. You can personalize your message by adding variables like [firstname] and it will be replaced by the first name of the current user. You can also, import image or multiple images along with your message. . Make sure to put longer random delay on each interactions to avoid getting a penalty from facebook.

Hi [firstname], Just want to check if you are interested in liking our page

Import userID list button – Select your target userID file you scraped to send message
Send option – If you select chrome browser it will send the message on the chatbox. If you select mobile it will send it on the mobile version of the browser.
Total user to SEND – Enter the total users you want to send your message. If you leave it blank it will try to add all of the people on the list. Try to make it minimal like 10-20.
Random delay (seconds) – Enter your random delay after every interactions

delay from – 30 seconds
delay to –
60 seconds
the software will randomly select between those numbers and use it as a seconds delay.

Message text (spintax supported) – Type the message you want to send. You type it on an spintax format like {Hi|Hello|Good day}
Save message button – When click it will ask you the file name you want to save you message for later use.
Load message button – When click it you can select the message you saved
Clear message button – clear the message on the message box
Message variables button – You can use this variables to replace of the actual information of the current user.


[fullname] – Full name of the current user/page
[firstname] – First name of the current user
[nickname] – nickname or latername of the current user. If nickname is not available it will be replaced with the first name
[hometown] – hometown of the user
[currentcity] – current city of the user

Import image(s) select button – You can select an image or multiple images to attach with your message

Send message advanced options:
Checkbox – Add user as friend or like page before/after sending message – if this is checked it will add the user or like the page before or after sending your message

Skip if you are the last sender with no reply checkbox – If this is checked it will skip sending message if the software detects the you already sent a message to the current user with no reply
Skip if you are already having a conversation with the user – If this is checked. It will skip sending message when you are exchanging messages with the user already
Skip if the user is your friend – It will ignore sending message if you are friends with the current user

Typing speed – If you select fast it will type the message almost instantly. If you select slow if will type the message slower to make it look natural.


Add user to blacklist to avoid duplicate checkbox – Each users you interact will be added to the current account and universal blacklist to avoid interacting to it twice.

Skip users that is on your current account blacklist – Enable this if you want to skip users that is your current account blacklist.

Skip users that is on universal blacklist – Enable this if you want to skip users that is your universal blacklist.

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