Does the software work on my country?

The software will work on any language but when you are going to use the software it will automatically switch your facebook account to english language (You can always revert back to your original language after using the software). The reason for this is the software can only read english source codes at the moment but it doesn’t mean you cannot use it on other language. You can put any language on the software options and the software will read it.

Is this software a spamming tool?

Definitely NOT! This software is just like a helper for your facebook marketing campaigns. We don’t suggest the software to use for spamming. The software offers a lot of options to make the automation looks natural.

Does the software needs facebook api key?

No. The software doesn’t work on facebook api because facebook api is very limited. The software will automate your chrome browser. You will see all the actions being made by the software on the browser.

Is my fb account going to get banned?

No it will not. Unless you are going to use the software for spamming.

If it’s your personal account and fb ask you to verify it no need to worry about getting banned since you can easily verify it. But if you are using a dummy account make sure your profile looks legit and people you are adding as friend will accept you based on your mutual groups and likes. Most of the time fb will put you to facebook jail if the people on groups or somewhere reported your account.

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